Thursday, January 3, 2013

Get Fit For 30- recap

Get fit for 30 is officially behind me.  My big birthday was on November 1st and at that point I had reached 50 pounds lost!  I thought it appropriate as we enter the new year for me to look back on last year at this time and share a photo of myself at my heaviest weight.  I had posted pictures on facebook and kept going back and looking at this one-  eventually I couldn't handle it anymore and I deleted it out of my album.  This photo was my inspiration to make some changes in my life and to work towards a healthier self image that went a lot deeper than just a number on the scale.  Part of my journey included a Bible study book that covered how God sees me-  and how His unconditional love for me is something that can always be counted on.  Nothing I do, nothing I am or am not can impact His steady, unmoving, unchanging and unfailing love!  Letting this truth soak in to my very soul is the driving strength behind growing to become who He wants me to be and to be able to embrace who I am each step of the way.

It's also appropriate to celebrate a victory I experienced this past year!  Working off 50 pounds took commitment & determination.  Here is a photo of me hiking over Labor Day with two of my favorite people in the world.  

I wish there was a way to visually show the transformation that took place internally, and to explain the vital impact my faith played in my success.  Someone asked me how I did it, and honestly I told them that I couldn't have done it at all without God's strength.  This always seems like the cliche Christian response  "oh,  we just need to let God give us strength"... I believed this in my head but not in a practical daily impacting way.  Through this journey I have learned how this is truth right down to the very core.  What in the world does it mean to let God give me strength?  I didn't have a clue how to apply this to my daily life,  my struggles, challenges, temptations and failures.  I needed to dig in and find out what this actually meant in a way that was meaningful and applicable to daily life.  What I found was a bit surprising, but it shouldn't have been.  God is good.  God is faithful even when I am a complete failure.  God is love.  To use His strength is the best choice we can make!  Why would I keep struggling through life on my own weak and puny strength when I have access to the strength of the One True God on my side?!  This realization was not only life changing, but also DAY changing!  I am NOT in this alone,  I do NOT have to look to myself for answers, help or wisdom.  I can plug into the true source of all wisdom, to my Savior who cares deeply for me and wants to lead me through life on a path that is best for me.  Why in the world was I stumbling so blindly through my days and weeks when I could have been holding the hand of my Lord?!  

The biggest thing I learned through this journey was not how to eat the right foods, fit workouts into a busy life or drink enough water to stay hydrated.  It was how no matter what challenge I am facing, no matter what temptation is staring me down-  I am not alone.  Choosing to look to Christ in all circumstances as my source of peace, strength, rest and power.  I am ready to enter 2013 with a refreshed spirit and a new glimpse of how amazing God is!