Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get Fit for 30- 2 Month Update

Month 2 is behind me- and 25 pounds (yep- that's right! twenty-five!!!!!) are off me! Along with following the plan every single day, tracking points and not cheating- I logged a total of 71.2 miles this month! (treadmill and outdoor walking with the girls) 

Things I have noticed about myself and quality of life:

  • My energy is high
  • I am feeling great
  • I am motivated to keep at it
  • I love the progress!
  • My clothes are loose- shopping trip around the corner when goal #3 is officially met

Reasons to keep working at it:

  • I have worked hard, and come too far to quit
  • I want to know what reaching my final goal will feel like!

My current favorite lunch 

Tortilla Pizzas

1 flour tortilla
2 tbsp. pasta sauce
garlic powder
onion & gr. pepper chopped small
green olives
1/8 cup feta cheese

baked at 400 for about 8-10 minutes.  SO delicious and only 6 points!  My kids loves these too- so it's been a great "go-to" lunch that I can whip up super quickly. 

I added green olives to this one for a different variety.  (add 1 point)

With the weather warmer as we enter late spring in Wisconsin- it feels great to get outdoors with my kids and be more active.  The more I do, the less likely I am drawn to the feeling of laziness.   A highlight for me each week is to take an evening trip into town- meet up with my girlfriends and walk the night away- we have seriously gone close to 2 hours and the time just flies! Here is to a great month ahead as I continue to choose health, one day at a time!

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