Monday, July 16, 2012

Get Fit for 30- 4 Month Update

4 months behind me and 40 pounds off me. What I do not miss about that 40 pounds

  • Felt like carrying around my 4 year old all day and all night
  • Hauling 8 gallons of milk everywhere I went
  • Less energy
  • Bigger jeans
  • Self conscious
  • The mom who sat on the sidelines instead of chasing the boys around the yard
  • Missed opportunities to be active with my family
  • Feeling defeated instead of victorious
  • Overwhelmed
  • Like the goal of 40 pounds could never, ever, ever be reached
Looking forward to month 5 of choosing health over comfort food- and finding new ways to deal with stress than turning to chocolate.  Working towards a new goal & being active everyday. Can't wait to see what I won't miss about the next 10 pounds!!   

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