Friday, August 24, 2012

Get fit for 30- 5 month update

Month 5- behind me. My present and future await. 

This month my weight loss slowed, as I am inching my way towards final goals- toning up and then on to the task and learning process of maintaining.  To date my current progress is a whopping 44 pounds!

Earlier this month I participated in my first 5k.  I proudly walked the 3.3 miles alongside breast cancer fighters & survivors.  
Me, Emily & Missy after finishing our 5K

One family touched my heart, a woman around my age, a baby stroller with a little one strapped snugly inside, her husband by her side… she was a survivor.  I thought about her story and the many others as I walked a glimpse of their world with them on that beautiful morning.  I thought about my own story- so much in this life is unsure- so much isn’t guaranteed.  We aren’t given a card of perfect health, we aren’t promised riches, fame, or no stress.  But, as children of the King, we are promised that His plan is perfect, and even though that does mean challenges with our health, struggles along the way, days that we will feel weary & times when in all honesty we do feel very alone.  The reality is that He is right by our side and when we learn to actively walk our life’s journeys with Him leading us, we get to experience peace in the midst of storms, victories in the middle of challenges and His joy, love and meaning to life that goes deeper than anything this world offers.  Authentic, saving faith.  

This month my weight loss meant I was able to participate in a Sunday morning walk with two of my friends and be reminded in a new way of all that I have to be thankful for.  My life is not perfect.  My kids fight- a lot.  I get overwhelmed.  I fall behind on housework.  I take for granted things and people that should be deeply appreciated & I am ashamed to admit how selfish I can be.  All that in mind- I have a Savior who loves me more than anything, just as I am.  I can never do anything to increase or decrease His perfect unconditional love… I can just accept His perfect offer of grace and soak it up every moment when I once again fall short. 

On to month 6!  Let my story continue to unfold.  

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