Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Writing Prompt

It's Friday, that means in our homeschool we try to do something extra fun for writing. Today we played this Christmas roll a dice story prompt game.  The boys helped me pick characters, settings and problems... We wrote them all down and then took turns rolling the dice (I know it's technically "die" but come on now... let's just be real here)  Once they had their list, they got creative and set in writing.  Gavin ended up with a 4 page story complete with chaos in the toy shop and elves accidentally being delivered to a house instead of gifts.  Ryder's Santa was attacked by Jack Frost mid-air, action packed. Ledger, who isn't writing yet but can dictate and draw illustrations, included a mutant Mrs. Claus and Santa's sleigh breaking to pieces. I especially liked this activity because all ages could join in the fun at their own levels. 

It's always cool to just let them go- and see their creative personalities come out.

Oh, and also, who knew Rudolph isn't spelled with an f... We all learned something today, lol. 

Happy Friday friends!

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