Wednesday, February 8, 2017

the waiting times

How much life are you wasting in the waiting?  How many moments slip by as you long for the next? The waiting time stretches us, it isn't always comfortable and can sometimes even be down right painful. But if you're waiting until your kids grow out of this challenging phase, you're missing the quiet joys hidden beneath these current trials.  If you're waiting for your marriage to be "perfect" you may be taking forgranted a whole heap load of great right in front of you.  If you're waiting for the weekend, and wasting 5 days every. single. week. then you end up missing out on a whole lot of life that needs noticing too.  2017 I've been stopping, trying to notice and enjoy life right now. The daily. The messes. The tiny little moments. The hot coffee. The health. Real life in all it's raw, beautiful craziness.  Real-life raising four boys, means if I waited until the house was clean, or laundry was caught up, or there to be a moments peace... I would be waiting my life away.  Real-life homeschooling, means my 3 year old is gonna interrupt (a lot), there's gonna be some hard in every day, but that doesn't mean the whole day was bad.  Real-life in my marriage, means sometimes we feel tension, we don't agree, we aren't living this fairy-tale that isn't reality... but it does mean our commitment is solid, we can work through conflicts and keep growing... it means I'm a pretty lucky girl and it's high time I really appreciate that!  Real-life means I'm in the Word and growing in my faith... it certainly doesn't mean I'm perfect, but I AM perfectly His, and soaking up that grace deep into all the cracks of my failures... and man oh man is that grace the sweetest thing. Real-life means repentance and an ever growing desire to live this vapor of a life gifted to me here on earth with roots growing to eternity.  You see, that's the key, this life IS short- this life IS a blink, but eternity is awaiting... and once we reach those heavenly shores all these hard things we face on this side won't matter anymore.  For we will be in GLORY- and have forever to worship our Grace Giver. Stop- look around you today and breath deep.  Don't miss these moments. 

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