Tuesday, September 20, 2016

An Attitude of Gratitude

Contentment has been on my heart a lot this summer. As I posted about earlier my husband lost his job, and we fleshed out playing the waiting game for the majority of the year, not really having clear direction or knowing the next step.  As I wrestled with trusting God's plan in all of this (wish I could say that trust came easily, but being totally honest, I struggled back and forth between feeling peace and then having that worry/stress creep in and shadow over me) During this wait, my faith was stretched, answers didn't come as quickly as we prayed for them to (funny how that works!) and we didn't have any control over the way things at his past job unfolded. Contentment, wasn't a word that I could relate to very well during the past 7 months. But as God provided an open door and guided us through the next step in HIS TIMING, I learned so much.

The verse, 1 Timothy 2:13 spoke loud and clear, "if we are faithless, he remains faithful" I can't say that this trial was a total victory for me where my faith didn't ever waver, where I claimed perfect peace throughout and was a shining example of how to face storms in life. I failed a lot. Many times. But God was faithful, as He absolutely always is 100% of the time. He had a plan, He never deserted us, He never failed us. His plan didn't change just cause I was stressing, or struggling or doubting. He was patient with me, and showed us His plan for our family only when it was His timing to do so. 

This fall as Josh is starting his new job and we are transitioning I want to stop and really praise God for that faithfulness He poured on us. Gratitude is what my heart is bursting with in this season. We have a list a mile long of things to be thankful for. 

  • Marriage that stood strong, survived, & made it through stress (we took some hits and have some mending to do, but our commitment to eachother didn't waver. Rock solid it stood because it's foundation is centered on, built on, totally dependent on Christ) Marriage is so hard, seriously. & also so rewarding. 
  • four crazy, awesome, fun, healthy, challenging, rad boys to grow up. Parenting is a wild ride. These guys are tough and tender. Wonderful and nerve wrecking, amazing amazing amazing. We are honored to be raising them.
  • A cozy home
  • food to eat
  • a Christ centered church family, where we go to be convicted through the Word, be encouraged, be inspired and to worship together
  • a group of friends that prays over us and is there for us
  • Family

So grateful. so so so grateful. 
Choosing contentment.
Finding the joy in the real-life we are living and focusing on that. There is an abundance!   

I also know and want to recognize that the trial of a job loss would be something some of you would gladly trade your trials for. I know there are much harder, serious and heart-wrenching things to face in this life. The verse remains truth for you to cling to as well, He IS faithful. Always. In His way, in His time, with His big picture in mind. He sets eternity in our hearts. Seek Him. 

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